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Thank you so much for stopping by!

I am Kat, a recent MFA illustration graduate, currently working on my thesis from Savannah College of Art and Design Atlanta. You can refer to my main portfolio at I began this side hustle last year after a course with a mentor last Spring of 2019. The objective to a particular assignment was to draw what we either did not normally draw on a day to day basis or subject matter we hadn’t visited in awhile. As a child, I remember being fascinated with inventing my own dress scribbles that filled the page...mainly inspired from my mom’s closet. I grew up as an avid ballet dancer for 14 years as well, and I touched back to those roots of elegant tutus and dreams of my own wannabe haut couture. These quick sketches allowed me to step away from my current work, and, in a way, go back to when I was a young girl. It was when I found myself really enjoying this fun outlet, where people began to ask if I would recreate their daughter’s, friend’s, wife’s special day by illustrating the wedding dress worn or to be worn. This new and unexpected adventure began Summer of 2019, and since has thankfully flourished! But, I want this to grow so much more, so now I have newly expanded from an Instagram account into a website and Etsy page. I hope you love this content, too.

If you are interested in your very own, custom-made illustration to remember your special day, an anniversary gift, or wedding gift for someone else,, head over to my new Etsy page:

Lots of love, time, and details will go into this special, one of a kind, and personal piece just for you

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